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Hilary with the Hilary's Dream Trust trustees

Clifford Lister: Clifford was an obvious choice for a trustee on the grounds that, if you need something doing, ask a busy person! (This is also true for our other trustees.) He also spent five weeks living in a tiny room and getting a "battered old Soling" ready to cross the Channel back in 2005. He was given all the messiest jobs and still survived.

Kim Mason: Kim has been a friend of Hilary's for far too long. She was involved at an early stage with the crossing of the English Channel, organising T-shirts and banners. She also kept an up-to-date account online of what was happening on the water. She genuinely volunteered to be a trustee, so she has no one to blame but herself! As with everything else in life, Kim throws herself wholeheartedly into being a trustee.

Paul Taroni: Paul first appeared on the scene when we were looking for drivers for the Round Britain Dream. It was immediately apparent that Paul is a man of many talents and, even after surviving seven months living in motorhomes and planning the next move, he was still keen to be involved in the "Dream Trust".

Martin Cox: Martin is our latest recruit and, since he was the first person to take Hilary sailing, it could be said that everything is all his fault! Martin is an excellent sailor and ran Westbere Sailing Opportunities for a number of years. These days he teaches art and is one of the busiest people Hilary's ever met. He's also brilliant with a computer and takes stunning photos, so he's hard to live without.

Glenn Gilbert: Glenn designed and hosts the HDT website. He's also the very proud owner of "Perle d'Azur", a Contessa 32, and has sailed her alongside Hilary in "Me too" on the first leg of her Round Britain journey. It was a real joy to see both old and new Rogers designs together. As a techie and a sailor he is invaluable to the Trust.

Advisors to Trustees

Hilary Lister: "Hilary's Dream Trust" was born out of Hilary's frustration at being unable to control a sailing boat herself. After just 2.5 hours sailing experience she crossed the English Channel and went on to sail around Britain. Now she wants to make sure that other adults have somewhere to turn for money and support with their own sailing projects.

Toby May: Toby was project manager for the Round Britain Dream and, as a result, has a wealth of experience on which the trustees can draw when it comes to making the seemingly impossible possible. When the "Round Britain Dream" finished, Toby was keen to pass on the knowledge he had gained. He is currently working with Hilary on her next challenge.

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